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Antonis Ntok

“Antonis Ntok” is the artistic name of GAD’s guitarist Antonis Antoniadis.
Before becoming a member of GAD, Antonis was extremely popular as a cover singer at the biggest music clubs of Athens, succeeding in having a numerous and fanatic audience.
Antonis, having many songs on standby for years, starts confidently in 2017, with the debut single “Xanomai”, a song written by the former and produced by Gadless.

Discography :
“Xanomai” (digital single 2017)
“Meine Mazi Mou” (digital single 2017)
“Fylachto” (digital single 2018)
“Giati Na Feugeis” (digital single 2019)
“Ki An Einai I Agapi Sou Ena Psema” (digital single 2019)
“Thelo Tosa Na Sou Po” (digital single 2022)