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Ammos Music is an independent record label

Ammos Music, actually, is an umbrella; an umbrella by artists for artists

In Ammos Music the artist has the first and the last option; the artist decides the how-when-where

In Ammos Music the artist is still an independent artist

Ammos Music is not defined by genres; the artists in Ammos Music do not share common aesthetics, styles, approaches, ways, ideas, interests

The only thing that they have in common is their independence; what they share, what they commune with, what they help with, what they set free

Ammos Music is young, by supporting us you vote us into existence

You can support us by just viewing and liking or disliking (also commenting is welcome) our audio and music videos, even better by subscribing to our YouTube channel

You can support us by posting and sharing our music on the social media

You can support us by streaming and downloading our digital releases

You can support us by buying our physical releases

You can contact us at: